power couple

I had to scrub the smell of the saltwater from my skin tonight. It was much stronger then it ever was before. When I looked at the ocean for the first time in months, I saw past the tides and the rhythm, and I looked into our future. I envisioned the way you would wake me up with your lips, and how the only way I could ever be able to sleep soundly was to fall into the imagination of the life we could have had if you would have just stayed true to what you said would always be unbreakable.

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I’m on an Awesome wave

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Dane DeHaan on the set of ‘Kill Your Darlings’

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Max Records and Spike Jonze on the set of Where the Wild Things Are (2009)

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I chose not to choose life.


Keaton Henson - You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are

ian + his family

Inglourious Basterds (2009) dir.Quentin Tarantino

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Jack Kilmer on the set of Palo Alto


You cross me, and there will be consequences”

Breaking Bad (2008-2013)
Vince Gilligan 


part of me

"I would like to be a teenager in the ’60s or ’70s. It just seemed so free, so cool, just roaming around. We can’t really roam around now." — ELLE FANNING

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Pretty picture.

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"Just as a flower does not choose its color, we are not responsible for what we have come to be. Only once you realize this do you become free, and to become adult is to become free."

Stoker (2013)

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